4 Reasons To Schedule An AC Maintenance Appointment

Having a yearly AC maintenance appointment can help ensure that your system is working at its peak performance, as well as protecting it from damage. Keeping your system maintained also helps to prevent carbon monoxide, which can be hazardous to your health.

Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils

Keeping your evaporator and condenser coils clean is a key part of keeping your home cool. When you have dirty coils, you’re working harder to cool your house, which can shorten the life of your AC system and increase energy costs. Also, when coils are dirty, your air quality can be affected.

A coil cleaning solution is available in aerosol cans and bulk. These can be used in a low-pressure sprayer to clean the evaporator and condenser. They also can be used to disinfect the condensation drip pan.

If you have a home AC system, it is a good idea to clean your evaporator and condenser at least once a year. This will ensure optimal performance of your system and prevent costly repair bills.

When cleaning the evaporator, you should also make sure to remove any objects that may have fallen onto the coil. This can include grass clippings, pet hair, twigs, and fallen leaves. Leaving these objects may cause your system to work harder than it needs to, which can damage your AC unit.

Preventing carbon monoxide

Taking steps to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home is one of the most important aspects of home safety. Carbon monoxide is a highly toxic gas that can cause serious illness and even death.

One of the most common causes of carbon monoxide leaks is a faulty heating and cooling system. An AC repair in Dallas TX technician can repair a heating and cooling system or clean up gas appliances to prevent carbon monoxide leaks.

To prevent carbon monoxide leaks, a furnace or heat pump should be checked for cracks in the heat exchanger. This is a part of the furnace that corrodes, allowing carbon monoxide to enter your home.

If you have a furnace or heat pump, you should have it checked at least once a year. During this inspection, a technician will check the heat exchanger for cracks.

Carbon monoxide buildup is extremely easy to develop. If you aren’t careful, it can enter your home through cracks in the walls or a leaking heat exchanger.

Protecting your system from damage

Keeping your HVAC system in tip top shape is a top priority. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer warranty coverage on the components that make up the modern air conditioner. The best way to ensure your AC unit stays up and running is to schedule regular maintenance. This can help you avoid unexpected system failures and costly replacements.

The best way to ensure your system remains in top shape is to have it serviced by a professional. An AC technician can perform minor repairs and provide upgrades that will make your AC unit function at peak performance.

In addition to a good tune up, you may want to consider a protective cover for your AC unit. This is especially important if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. Fortunately, you can easily find a company that can install a weatherproof cover on your system. A cover also has the advantage of keeping the unit clean.

In addition to a good tune-up, you may want to consider an adhoc insurance policy to cover your bases in case your AC system takes a beating during a hurricane or tropical storm.

Air filter replacement

Changing air filters is an important part of keeping your HVAC system running efficiently and safely. It helps to prevent dust, allergens, and particulates from recirculating through the air conditioning system. Not only does this improve the quality of the air that your family breathes, but it also improves the health of all those living in the home.

Changing air filters is also important to help prevent premature system breakdown. Dirty air filters can cause the HVAC system to work harder than it should. This can cause the system to struggle to cool or heat the home, increasing energy costs.

In addition to helping to improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe, air filters can extend the life of your HVAC system. This can save you money on repairs and energy costs over time.

You should also replace air filters more frequently if you have respiratory ailments or young children. These filters are designed to catch small particles. If your filter gets too dirty, it won’t be able to catch everything, and it will become clogged. This can cause the system to work harder than it should, which can lead to system breakdown.

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