4 Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Living Room

When people remodel their homes, the first place they usually think of is the living room. But if you’re doing the project without outside help, you might feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. You’ll have to think about small things like paint colors, furniture choices, and furniture layouts.

A remodeling project can be as simple as swapping pieces you already have or as drastic as getting new custom windows. But regardless of your plans, the first thing you should do is deciding on a single style. If you haven’t chosen one, browsing magazines and website can help you form a design voice.

Once you’ve developed a vision of your living room, choosing furniture, accessories, and paint colors should be easy.

  1. Make space

Living rooms in older homes were designed to be more compact to lower energy costs. But with the increased need for space and more households adopting an open floor plan, homeowners today prefer a larger, more spacious living room.

One great way to make your living room feel larger without adding new square footage is to remove a wall or two. For instance, if the dining room and living room are right next to each other, you can remove the wall that separates the two spaces. Just make sure that you’re not demolishing a load-bearing wall.

  1. Repaint the front door

If the front door immediately leads into the living room, repainting it or replacing your old door with a new one counts as an external remodeling project as well. You get to hit two birds with one stone: Not only are you giving your living room a fresh new look, but you’re also improving your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Replace the windows

A living room should feel fun, cozy, and light. It’s the primary entertainment space for many homes, which is why it should exude an aura of warmth. If you want to create an inviting entertainment space, it should be filled with light.

But if the windows are too small, the room will feel cold and dark. Infuse new energy into your living room by installing new custom windows.

  1. Stick to one palette

One common remodeling mistake many homeowners commit is going crazy on paint choices. If you want a remodeled living room that looks like it was done by a professional, then you need to stick to one palette for the color scheme.

Choose one primary color and supplement it with one or two complementary shades. The safest option is neutral colors like white and beige, but if you want something more fun, earthy tones like orange and brown can make your living room more exciting. A navy blue wall helps communicate serenity while colors like light pink can lend a feminine touch to any room.

Whether you’re just giving the walls a new coat of paint or redoing the room from top to bottom, a remodeled living room allows you to make your mark on your home. But you’ll enjoy it more once you decide to sell your home and your remodeling project increases its value.

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