5 Main Differences Between Patio And French Doors

When it comes to patio door replacement, patio doors and French doors are two types of style options you can choose. Both patio doors and French doors let fresh air in while providing a great view of your patio or backyard. Although patio doors and French doors look quite similar, there are some major differences between the two that homeowners need to know about before they make a final patio door or French door replacement choice.

1. Size:

The first difference between patio doors and French doors is their size. A patio door is smaller than a French door because it slides open horizontally rather than swinging open like a French door does. Patio doors are also sometimes called “sliding patio doors” to differentiate them from French doors.

2. Affordability:

Patio doors are generally more affordable than French doors. This is because patio doors tend to be less complicated and don’t have as many moving parts as French doors do.

3. Panels:

A patio door has a panel that slides, while a French door has a double-paneled door with panes of glass on the side that swing open. This is the primary way patio doors and French doors differ from one another.

4. Lock:

 The patio door lock is on the bottom of the sliding panel, while a French door has a lock located at the base of each side panel.

5. Corner Patio Door

In addition to patio doors and French doors, there are also corner patio doors for patio enclosure. Corner patio doors are like patio doors, but they attach to the corners of your patio, forming a patio door replacement solution for patio areas that are completely surrounded by walls or fencing on three sides.

If you’re looking for patio door replacement, patio doors give you great value for your money and make it easy to enjoy fresh air without worrying about security. If patio door replacement sounds like the right choice for you, contact a patio door company to learn more.

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