Cleaning Up After a Flood

One of the worst things that you can ever experience in your home is flooding. Not only does it pose health dangers but may wreak havoc parts of the structure or even the whole of it. Unfortunately, floods catch many people off-guard, and the first thing that they do is panic. Sometimes the floods might have happened due to the failure of your submersible pump or lack of one thereof. As such, it is always advisable to ensure that your pump is in good condition as you never know when the rains might hit hard or when you might experience a pipe breakout in your home.

Wondering how to handle a flood in your home? Read on to find out.

  1. Safety first

Your safety and that of your family should always be your number one priority after a flood. Ensure that you evacuate the premises to avoid getting injuries or contacting any water-related diseases. Also, be sure to switch off the main switch in the house to prevent getting electrocuted. While doing this, ensure that you wear protective clothing such as gumboots and gloves.

  1. Document the damage

While the first thing that comes in mind after your home is flooded is to pump out the water and start the cleaning process, it is vital to have enough evidence of the damage to show your insurance company. The damage that might have happened in your home varies; however small it may be, you want to document it accordingly. Take as many pictures as possible of the damage around the house, and you can also take videos of the same. This will, in turn, help you build your claim and ensure that you get the right compensation for the damages.

  1. Start the cleanup process

After documenting the damage, it is now time to start the cleanup process. Get the right equipment and cleaning products that you will need for the cleanup. The cleaning largely depends on the level of damage in your home. If the damage from the floods is minimal, you can easily manage it by yourself with the help of your family members. However, if the damage is too much, you might need to get professionals to help you with the same. For example, if mold had already started growing around the home, it would be best to work with a water damage restoration company. This is so because they have the equipment and the much-needed skills and knowledge on how to better deal with the situation.

Take Away

After following the steps mentioned above and are now ready to occupy the home again, it is vital to ensure that you take necessary measures to avoid a similar occurrence from happening again. For example, if you did not have a submersible pump, then it might just be time to get one. On the other hand, if it got spoilt due to one reason or the other, you might need to repair it or replace it altogether.

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