Crawl Space Foundations: Causes And Methods Of Repairing Damages

A crawl space foundation also referred to as a pier and beam foundation is composed of two parts, that are- piers and beams. The piers, also known as piles, transfer the weight of a home into the soil below it. The beams rest on the top of piers and are known to connect them. A home is lifted off the ground by piers which further creates a crawl space below the first floor. When dealing with crawl space foundation problems, consider contacting a professional pier and beam foundation repair Dallas Fort Worth. This article sheds light on the causes and methods of repairing crawl space damages.

Causes of Damage to crawl space foundation

The below-mentioned are common causes of damage to crawl space foundation:

  • Expansive clay soils

Expansive clay soils are the most common cause of foundation problems. Expansive clay is known to expand when it is wet and contract when it is dry. These forces can push around the structure of the home foundation with each season and year. Any push-up from the ground or shrinking and sinking soil can majorly impact the structure of the crawl space foundation.

  • Moisture under the home

A pier and beam home is susceptible to moisture from inadequate ventilation or a poor drainage system. Excessive moisture under the home can damage the wood, from the sill up to the home’s subfloor. Water could cause the wood material forming the crawl space foundation to rot, disintegrate, or mold altogether.

  • Original construction methods or materials

One unique problem with a crawl space foundation is spongy, wavy, or bouncy roller coaster floors. There are pier and beam houses that were constructed with the floor joists too far apart to support the weight effectively. There are also floor joists and shaker sills that are worn out or broken because of extended use. Also, sometimes piers can break down and are required to be replaced.

Methods for repairing crawl space foundation damages

Here listed are some professional methods used by pier and beam foundation repair Dallas Fort Worth:

  • Reshimming

Sometimes, the beams or joists resting on the beams, could come loose or experience some movement. Reshimming involves wedging small pieces of wood and installing them between the piers and beams to fill any gaps.

  • Repairing or adding new piers

The pier supporting the home foundation can degrade over time and might need to be rebuilt. Or more piers are required to be added to support and distribute the house’s weight evenly.

  • Replacing beams

Wooden beams and joists resting on beams can become susceptible to dry rot, mold, or wet rot. Foundation repair experts usually detach non-affected beams and replace the rotted ones.


Crawl space foundations are not perfect. Sometimes, these foundations might experience sagging, sloping, or buckling floors. A damaged crawl space foundation can lead to drywall cracks, foundation cracks, and sticking windows or doors. So, it is important to quickly fix such foundation problems with the help of professional pier and beam foundation repair Dallas Fort Worth.

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