Fence Designs Guaranteed to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

Deer are a huge problem for many homeowners in the United States and have been an issue for years. They can cause significant damage to your yard, eating plants and flowers as well as destroying trees. There are many ways to keep deer out of your yard, but not all of them are effective. The following blog post will tell you about some fencing designs that have been proven helpful to other people who have had this same problem.

  1. A fence that is around six feet high.

This design also makes it harder for deer to run into your yard if there isn’t an opening in the fence at ground level.

  1. A fence with a mesh that is no more than three feet wide.

– This makes it difficult for any deer to jump over the deer proof garden fence, but if they try and run into your yard through an opening in the bottom of this design, then their bodies will not fit through because there isn’t enough room between each wire on the fencing material.

  1. A split rail fence that is around three feet tall with the bottom of each post sunk into the ground.

– This design makes it difficult for deer to jump over and makes it impossible for them to run through because their bodies are too big and will get stuck between the rails. It isn’t easy for these animals to push against this fence and make it move, either.

  1. A wire fence that has high tensile strength is at least sixty inches tall and installed around the perimeter of your yard.

– This design isn’t easy for deer to jump over or run through, but it does need to be tightened regularly because these animals can easily bite through this type of fencing material if they can get close enough to it.

– Deer can jump very high, but they won’t be able to try and climb over a deer fence gate tall because it will make them fall back down.

  1. A bamboo or wooden fence that is at least four feet tall and angled outward.

– This design doesn’t make it easy for deer to jump over the barrier because they can’t get a good running start from the ground. The slant also makes it difficult for them to see what’s on the other side of this fencing material.

In conclusion, if you are tired of deer eating everything in your yard and causing significant damage, then one or more of these fencing designs will make it easier for the herbivores to stay away from your place.

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