Four Tips to Keep in Mind If you Choose Granite Countertops for your Kitchen

Whether you want to have a full kitchen remodel or a simple one, you want to pay attention to the countertops. Countertops are used for preparing food, holding kitchen items, and eating on. These days, there are many countertop materials you can choose from but granite is a popular choice. No matter which granite countertops you pick for your kitchen from granite store, you will have durable products that last for years, if well maintained. If you want to make your kitchen décor pop, below are some tips when opting for granite:

Choose a Thick Slab

You can pick from different thicknesses for your granite counter. The thinner pieces the more fragile. For more stability, thinner slabs require laminate edges and supports. While they are easier on your pockets, this will result in problems that could be costlier in the long run. You may have to deal with damage if you choose a thickness less than one inch. The best option is to go with a countertop that is least one inch thick. Although you may need to pay more now, you will appreciate the superior durability and quality.

Watch Out for Hairline Cuts

Never settle for a granite countertop that is less than perfect. Examine the new slab to make sure there are no hairline cracks. These cracks can grow into bigger fragments and possibly result in greater damage. You can usually expect them in thinner slabs that are less than one inch. If you see these cracks, ask the fabricator or seller how they can impact the counter.

Opt for Custom Designed Countertops

Countertops made of granite can be customized to your liking with customized edges. Because this is not available with all fabricators, ensure to ask beforehand. This feature can bring out your kitchen’s uniqueness. But, if you are okay with a standard cut, you can easily get them and just as appealing.

Choose Seamless Counters

Seamless granite countertops can increase the price tag; however, they are well worth it. They look better because seams will lose their appeal after becoming run down. You will want to replace them with new ones within five years.

To make sure that your granite counters last for a lot of years, learn how to care for them. You must understand what you must and must not do. There are a lot of cleaning solutions available out there, so make sure to consult your granite supplier.

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