How Do You Replace A Furnace Inducer Blower?

Furnaces are integral parts of heating systems. As long as the furnace works fine, the heating system works effectively. While furnaces usually have a lifespan of 15-20 years, within that time span, there might be various kinds of problems in the furnaces for which you might look for furnace repair service near me.

If you have a furnace that is getting old, some of its parts might need changing or replacement. One such part is the furnace inducer blower. The thing about this component is that it is not found in all furnaces. In fact, sometimes there has been confusion regarding this part. Draft inducer blowers are mainly found in gas-operated electronic ignition furnaces. When the furnace is switched on, the blower responds. There is an indication from the thermostat more heat is needed. Replacement of the furnace inducer blower is not at all difficult. The old unit needs to be taken off, and the new one has to be installed – simple!

Mentioned below are the steps which should be followed for replacing a furnace inducer blower:

  • Purchasing the Furnace Inducer Blower

Though this step might seem simple, but it is one of the most crucial steps. It is very important to take a close look at the furnace draft inducer blower, which is inside your furnace. There are different kinds of blowers available in the market, and you have to ensure that you purchase the perfect one. You have to choose the right model of the blower so that it fits in the particular furnace. A different model could cause complications.

  • Turning Off the Power

Turn off the gas supply and the electricity to the furnace, and wait till the furnace cools down. Even when turned off, the furnace can still be very hot, and it needs minimum 2 hours to cool down so that it can be touched. Then, open the furnace access panel, which is fastened with a screw or a bolt. Once the access panel is open, locate the blower.

  • Removing the Old Draft Inducer Blower

After turning off the power, it is time to remove the blower. The whole blower might have to be taken out as it is attached to the wall of the furnace directly. The blower is attached to the furnace wall with the help of a screw and this can be removed easily. After taking out the blower assembly and extracting the inducer blower, you might discard other wires if not needed. This can be dumped in the trash.

  • Installation of the New Draft Inducer Blower

It is time to install the new inducer blower. Fit the blower into the assembly and place it back in the furnace. The blower should be properly connected to the furnace. The assembly should be screwed back in place, and the access hatch on the furnace should be closed. Now, turn the electricity or the gas supply on.

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