How to brighten up a hallway with no windows

The hallway is not one of the main rooms in the home. This is why many people do not focus on the look of the hallway interior design. It is a bad idea because the hallway is a crucial part of your home. It is the first place your guests will see after visiting your home. Therefore, you must decorate your entrance design properly. Do not worry if your hallway interiors do not have windows. Many small hallways in urban homes do not have windows in the hallways. You can easily solve this problem just by designing the space properly. Here are a few design tips for hallways with no windows:

01 of 05 Paint the interior side of the door

You mostly find wooden entrance doors in homes. They are great for elevating the aesthetic appeal of your entrance design, but the dark colour can create problems in small hallways with no windows. This is because dark colours absorb more light and make a space appear darker. Therefore, it will make your hallway appear darker. You can easily solve this problem by painting the interior side of the door. You must always choose a light colour so that it reflects light and makes the space appear brighter and larger. This does not mean you will have to choose white. There are lots of light colours you can choose for your door. Make sure that it looks great with the colours of your walls. In case you are not sure about the colour, choose the colour of your walls for a seamless look.

02 of 05 Make use of light from adjoining rooms

Your hallway may not have a window, but the adjoining rooms do. You can make the space appear brighter by making use of the light from these adjoining rooms. One of the simplest ways to do it is by making an internal window that will connect an adjoining room to the hallway. Whenever you open windows in the adjoining room, your hallway will get brighter as well.

Since you only need this window to ensure light enters your hallway, you do not have to opt for a regular window. A fixed window is acceptable as well. The glass sash will ensure sufficient light can pass through the window. In case you need privacy in the room, you can choose a translucent glass window so that light passes without allowing others to see inside.

03 of 05 Hang a mirror in the hallway

If you are working on a budget, you can consider using a mirror to light up your home interior design without any windows. You will be amazed to see how a mirror can instantly change the appearance of the hallway. Mirrors reflect light and ensure it reaches every corner of the room. Therefore, you can easily make the space appear brighter. Just make sure that you strategically choose the position of the mirror. By positioning it in the right place, you can easily make the entire space brighter. Large mirrors are mostly preferred for this purpose. However, you can consider handing multiple small mirrors on the walls as well. It will help to create a small wall gallery and elevate the appeal of the space. Consider choosing mirrors of different shapes and sizes to add more visual interest.

04 of 05 Introduce light colours to the space

You will have to be careful while choosing colours for your hallway with no windows. As mentioned earlier, dark colours absorb light. Therefore, your hallway will appear dull and gloomy if you use too many dark colours. Light colours are ideal for a space like this. They reflect light and make a space appear brighter. Also, they will make your hallway design appear bigger.

You do not have to stay limited to just one colour for your hallway. You can combine different colours for an interesting home interior design. Just make sure that they complement each other. Also, you do not have to limit yourself to only light colours. Dark colours can be used as accents in a few places to add more drama and personality to your hallway pop design.

05 of 05 Declutter the space

You must always keep your hallway pop design organised and clutter-free. This is especially important for a space with no windows. Cluttered spaces appear congested and more compact. Also, the light will not be able to move around freely. As a result, the space will appear darker.

You can tackle this issue by carefully designing your hallway entrance design. Make sure the entire space is organised properly. Always keep items away from areas where light is entering your hallway. Also, do not place anything near your lighting fixtures. Ceiling lights are considered great for such spaces so that the light does not get blocked. This will ensure your hallway stays well-lit.

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