How to Make Your Old Bathroom Look Like New

There are many reasons why people decide to make improvements in their bathroom. For one thing, the value of a home increases when renovations are made. There may be damages and signs of wear and tear that are unattractive. There may not be enough room for storage as bathroom accessories are accumulated. Or it may just be to come up with something fresh, a change that can give the bathroom a new look.

If you have decided to give your bathroom that change, here are some suggestions that you may find useful.

Tidy up

Your bathroom may have accumulated so much stuff after a long time. Some of us enjoy purchasing accessories, and other items that we don’t need but imagine would be necessary. Now is the time to clear them up and leave the storage spaces free for the essentials. Throw out or donate items that add clutter to your bathroom. That done, you can start bringing in the bathroom amenities you need.

Consider shower enclosures

You may want to give your shower curtains a rest and go for frameless shower enclosures instead. They come in various sizes to suit your bathroom size, and they are much easier to maintain. The great thing about glass shower enclosures is that they make your bathroom appear more spacious. Light, whether natural or artificial, can flow freely. Cleaning up is also a lot easier and safer as water is contained within the enclosure.

Add in storage

Even if you have gotten rid of most of the items that clutter up your space, you may want to have extra storage in your bathroom still. Shelves are a great addition attached to your walls, so they do not take up floor space. You can pick out storage baskets in neutral colours that will complement whatever bathroom decor you have.

Bring the greenery in

Any space in your house can always use greenery. They add life to a room and can keep the air cleaner. Your bathroom is an ideal place for plants to thrive because of the high levels of humidity. Ferns and philodendrons are excellent plants to keep in your bathroom. Apart from plants keeping the environs of your bathroom clean, they enhance the beauty of the area.

Upgrade old fixtures and hardware

A big part of improving your bathroom is to take a good look at your fixtures and hardware. Do you still want to maintain them, or do they look old and worn? No matter how beautiful the rest of the bathroom is, the whole appearance can be affected by worn-out fixtures.  Make the necessary changes to complete your bathroom improvement.

Your old bathroom can get that complete transformation it needs with some effort and creativity. This is your special place where you spend a lot of your private time. Make it an area that you can enjoy spending time in. Bring your personality into this space with your favourite pieces of art. Keep it neat and tidy at all times.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/room-inside-furniture-house-3077080/

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