How To Quickly Unclog A Blocked Toilet Without A Plunger 

Unclogging a toilet is never a fun thing to do. The nasty clog can lead to disastrous conditions by flooding the bathroom floor in minutes. So, a property owner needs the most effective and fast way to unclog the toilet. There are several clever tricks to unclog the toilet without the use of a plunger. If the toilet remains clogged, use the below effective DIY tricks to make the unclogging process fast and smooth.

Clever DIY Tricks to Unclog the Toilet without Using a Plunger

Have a clogged toilet? No problem! If the toilet is not flushing all the way, there are effective ways to unclog the toilet. Notably, a clogged toilet means that the toilet drain might be entirely or partially blocked. Homeowners can only know a toilet is clogged by flushing. If you suspect that the drainage has a problem, here are some tricks to use to unclog a toilet without a plunger easily.

Use a Dish Soap

At times the toilet can clog unexpectedly, and the owner might have no time to look for an expert or doesn’t own a plunger. The quickest way to ensure the bathroom doesn’t flood is to use an effective DIY trick. The first trick would be to use some dish soap. So, pour a half cup of dish soap into the toilet. In case there is no dish soap, cut a bar of soap into tiny chunks, then drop the pieces into the toilet. Notably, the dish soap is slippery, so it will help lubricate the clogged drainage. Therefore the clogged debris will slide down easily down the drain or pipe.

Use Hot Water

If the dish soap is not effective enough, it will help to add some hot water to help things move along. However, it would help to use hot bath water instead of boiling water not to cause the porcelain to break. Pour the water with some force so that it can dislodge the debris, causing the toilet to clog.

Use a Wire Hanger

Some clogs can easily be removed using dish soap or hot water. However, it would need to manually remove whatever could be causing the clog for the severe clogs. The most effective DIY trick to use on the tough clog is using a wire hanger to remove the debris causing the clog. The owner can unravel the wire hanger until it becomes straight, then push it into the clogged area by holding one end until it becomes free and goes down the drain.

Use Baking Soda Mix

The use of baking soda is a natural alternative to the plunger. The most effective way to use baking soda is by pouring some baking soda simultaneously with two cups of vinegar into the clogged toilet. The mixture will fizz for some time, making the clear drain from whatever may be blocking it. Notably, if this trick does not become effective, add hot water to the toilet.


Clogging can get messy without practical ideas and tools to unclog the toilet. That’s why it would be wise to follow the above tips when you don’t have quick access to a plunger. The above tricks will prevent the bathroom from flooding due to the clogged toilet.

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