Important Reminders: Commercial Roof Maintenance

Each roof plays an important role in protecting people and property from the elements. It is important to ensure that each roof is maintained.

Commercial roof maintenance is important. Commercial roof maintenance is an integral part of facility management and corporate assets. Failure of a roof in an organization environment can cause cash flow disruptions, shut down operations and impact people’s lives.

These are some methods to maintain your commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

  1. Maintain a clean roof Check your roof regularly, especially after severe storms. Make sure to trim tree branches, clean gutters and sweep dirt away.
  2. Search for pooling water: A flat roof is designed to allow water drainage and not to collect or pool. Check to make sure your roof is structurally sound and that the insulation has not become too dense. The sun in Sarasota will evaporate minor amounts of water. However, if you see areas that are consistently collecting water, call a roofing contractor to investigate.
  3. Check around Air Handlers Many commercial roofs have air handlers or other heavy industrial equipment on top. These systems should be inspected regularly for cracking, deterioration, algae/mold buildup, and other signs. Roof penetrations are the most likely places for roof leaks. It is important to maintain the materials around these systems in order to avoid this from happening.
  4. Keep on top of small jobs: Commercial roofing maintenance is usually a series of smaller projects. You can avoid bigger headaches by tackling the job in a timely fashion. You can save your roof from major damage by making small repairs and cleaning it regularly.
  5. Annual inspections:Sarasota roofing contractors recommend that you have an annual inspection of the roof to avoid unexpected roofing expenses. You can plan, budget, and understand the condition of your roof to avoid any future problems.
  6. It’s in your budget: It is easiest to plan and budget for commercial roof maintenance. You should make an annual inspection part of your corporate procedures and small repairs part of your budget. Make sure you have sufficient business facility hurricane insurance to cover for a major storm.
    These storm costs can be significant, reaching into the millions for areas. Your insurance policy should cover the repair or replacement of your roof as well as any financial losses that you may incur. While it will lose value over time, that doesn’t mean it should be deteriorating or falling apart. A well-constructed roof will last 30 years, depending on the roofing material. As long as it’s properly maintained and taken care of.

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