Keep Pigeons Away from your Solar Panels

A solar panel is an investment towards access to reliable and efficient supply of renewable energy. Many people install solar panels in their homes or businesses for two main reasons; to either cut down on the cost of electricity or reduce green house gas emissions. It is therefore important that these panels remain operational and in a good state to ensure they serve you for long.

Pigeons may not have the same ideology as you do about your new solar panels. They most often see the gap between the solar panel and your roof as a potential nesting area. They will fly in and create their nests in there. The pigeons will poop, resulting in destruction of the cabling as their droppings are corrosive. Some poop may also block the solar cells, reducing the efficiency of the panel. Their presence there may also attract predators who may further damage with the panel.

To control this, you will need to engage the services of a solar bird control company. The solar bird control company you choose to enlist their services should have prior experience in solar pigeon control. If you fail to verify this, your solar pigeon problem will probably not disappear for long.

Solar pigeon control offers a variety of solutions to your solar pigeon problem. The most popular solution has been installing roof spikes. These roof spikes make it uncomfortable for the pigeons to nest underneath the panels. They however do not cause harm to them, but only deter them from occupying the space between the roof and the solar panels. Despite their popularity, they are not as effective if used alone. They need to be combined with other control measures.

The use of nets is another effective measure of keeping pigeons away from your solar panels. The nets should be mounted around the panels, preferably the same time they are installed on the roof. They act as a perimeter fence that prevents pigeons from accessing the space between the roof and the solar panel. The nets however are susceptible to weather elements and may wear out over time. You will therefore need to periodically inspect them and make plans for replacing them when they wear out.

Pigeons can also be scared off by keeping a clean environment. An environment filled with dirt and waste could be a source of food for pigeons. They will therefore hang around your roof as they feed off the waste from your compound. Ensure that your garbage is also stored well and out of sight and reach of birds. If you don’t feed them, they will certainly go looking for food elsewhere.

Solar panels are an expensive investment, hence should be taken care of well. To solve your solar pigeon problems, you will need a company that has the experience and expertise in addressing this issue. Peak Services has over the years specialized in bird proofing, solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Securing their services guarantees you the peace of mind you need.

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