Looking for Milgard Windows for Your San Jose Home? Read This First

So, you’ve decided it’s time to replace the windows in your San Jose home. Maybe it’s because they’re drafty or because they leak when it rains. Or perhaps they are difficult to open and close. Or maybe you just want windows that are more energy efficient and will help you save money on your energy bills. No matter the reason, replacement windows in San Jose can be a great investment in your home!

Where do you start? Most people begin by looking for the replacement window brands with which they are familiar, and many homeowners are familiar with Milgard replacement windows. Milgard is a window brand that has been around for many years. They have several different lines of windows and patio doors, including their very popular lines of windows and doors with vinyl frames, such as their premium Tuscany Series, the more modern Trinsic Series, and the budget-friendly Style Line Series.

While Milgard windows are very well-known and often requested by homeowners, they are not the only brand of replacement windows that should be considered by San Jose homeowners. Many people who are knowledgeable about replacement window products aren’t very enthusiastic about Milgard windows and patio doors.

Michal Kuron, owner of Custom Exchange Windows and a veteran of the replacement window industry, had this to say about Milgard windows: “Milgard is a very popular brand of replacement windows in San Jose. We often get calls from potential customers asking if we sell them. Whenever we get those types of calls, we explain to the homeowner that, while Milgard windows are well-known, they are not the best windows on the market, nor are they the best value. For a similar price, we recommend Simonton or Monte Verde replacement windows. They are simply higher-quality products. Our San Jose customers have been very happy with Simonton and Monte Verde windows and doors.”

Kuron continued, “It’s not that Milgard windows are bad products—they are definitely an upgrade from old, single pane, aluminum windows—but if you’re going to invest in your home, you should consider brands like Simonton or Monte Verde, which we feel are superior to Milgard, but still come at a similar price point.”

For many San Jose homeowners, replacing their windows and doors is a major home improvement project that they will only do once in their lives. For those who plan on staying in their homes for a while, or who want to upgrade their San Jose homes with high-quality products, they should consider brands that may be lesser known to the general public, but that will provide a better outcome.

To learn more about Simonton or Monte Verde windows and doors in San Jose, visit the Custom Exchange website: https://www.customexchangeinc.com/brands/

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