Professional Floor Cleaning and How it Benefits Your Business

When we think of commercial disinfection, we often ignore the floor, focusing instead on surfaces and shared spaces within the facility. However, proper floor care is a critical component in almost every part of a business. Whether its wood, tile, or carpet flooring, it is essential to keep your floors clean and safe, to create a healthy and conducive work environment for you, your clients, and employees. Here are a few reasons why you should consider professional floor cleaning to maintain a pristine, respectable business that makes a good, lasting impression. Once you review why commercial floor disinfection is crucial to your business, consider the commercial sanitizing service provided by Germ Hero. Using electrostatic spraying, we guarantee a sanitized space that is safe to host all who walk through your doors.

Remove Viruses and Get Rid of the Bugs

Constant foot traffic can leave your floors soiled with muck, dust, or other allergens that may disrupt your business’s efficiency and appeal. The dirt brought into your place of business also has the potential to transmit harmful bacteria and viruses that may spread, causing your employees to get Ill or trigger pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or allergies. In the end, events like this can lead to costly downtime. Sick building syndrome or SBS for short, is a condition that is quickly becoming an epidemic. This condition is caused by being in a building for frequent and long periods. SBS is often attributed to poor indoor air quality found in about 30 percent of all remodeled buildings. Employees working in close quarters with each other share many common areas creating high traffic contact points. In turn, one employee getting sick can easily create a domino effect, getting many others sick in the process.

Common practices such as vacuuming a carpeted floor or attempting to sanitize the area yourself with cleaners may not be an effective measure to keep your business free from these harmful germs. The vacuum itself has remained virtually the same for over a century, composed of a cleaning brush, motor, and bag that holds all the dirt and contaminants. The major problem with the vacuum cleaner is that the dust goes through the holes in the bag and right back into the air. Otherwise, the brush itself gets worn and circulates the dirt around your office, not actually cleaning as effectively as you may think.

Creepy crawlies, bugs, and other organisms are also lurking around in the corners of your business looking for a meal. These organisms have the potential to attract other harmful rodents and unwelcome guests that may further reduce your productivity and potential. With a thorough commercial floor disinfection service, you can depend on clean effective tools and processes that will leave your floor looking, smelling, and feeling great, while also improving the overall quality of life for everyone.

Commercial Floor Cleaning and the Pandemic

In light of the pandemic we are facing as a people, it has never been more important to cultivate a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation in order to provide the highest measure of safety for you, your clients, and employees. Floors may not be the first thing you consider when creating a healthy work environment, but their sanitizing is paramount. Do not take any risks with the valuable lives of your clients and employees. Choose instead to contact the professionals to help you beat this virus and keep everyone happy and healthy well into the future.

In addition to disinfection, well-kept floors provide a positive impression of your building and character. Scuffed, poorly waxed, dusty, or clearly worn floors will give the opposite impression. If you were to go into someone’s office or place of business and you found it was not properly maintained, you might question that person’s capabilities. If they put little effort into maintaining a work environment, then how much effort can you expect from their products or services?

Take Pride in Your Business

If nothing else you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable spending too much time in a place with scuffed or dirty floors, feeling distracted with the thought of trying to leave as soon as possible to avoid tripping over debris, or slipping on a poorly waxed floor. A clean office or workplace gives the impression that your business is well run, organized, and accomplished. With electrostatic business sanitizing, you set the standard of excellence and productivity that you expect. Imagine a potential client walking into your building created by the smell of clean air, and a beautiful clean floor. Now that is a step in the right direction!

You may be thinking of tackling the task of cleaning the floors yourself oreven counting on your employees to help maintain a clean environment. Over time, little cleaning tasks such as taking out trash, cleaning common areas, or designating chores maybe a huge distraction from your employee’s focus.  The professional sanitizing service from Germ Hero provides the correct tools and expertise to ensure that no damage is done to your furniture and equipment, while also getting at hard to reach areas. From mixing the right chemicals to finding PPE, taking time out of your busy work schedule may result in ineffective and unnecessarily time-consuming cleaning techniques that may result in damage or over-sanitizing. Your best bet is to rely on our team of trusted experts to provide a safe, reliable service that is guaranteed to improve the overall quality and efficiency of your building.

Getting Germ Hero Verification

Thinking of saving money and relying on cheaper janitorial companies to maintain your floors? Unfortunately,cheap janitorial companies may not provide the best services, with many reports of custodial services cutting corners, or providing inconsistent results. Some of these companies may even hire illegal workers to cut theircosts and increase their profits. Discount office cleaning services may seem like an effective way to save money, but you risk losing money in the long-run if they end up tearing fibers in your carpet, over-saturating wood floors, or using too much wax on linoleum. That is why, when you are looking for a professional disinfection service for your floors, it is best to look for affordability AND quality.

It is a well- established fact that happy, healthy employees are much more productive and provide a high quality of service. Germ Hero provides the latest in cleaning techniques, state of the art technologies, and well as trained experts so you will receive the consistent quality you deserve. In addition to getting rid of 99.99% of all germs, pathogens, and bacteria, we remove viruses and help promote your newly disinfected building with Germ Hero Verification. When you use our services consistently, we provide a Germ Hero Verified plaque that shows customers and staff that their health is a priority. We also add you to our list of verified businesses, helping you gain exposure on social media. If you are ready to tackle and disinfect your floors, contact Germ Hero today!

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