Protecting Your Home Against Storms

Storm shelters become a must-have for your home to avoid conditions like a tornado or a severe storm. While everyone hopes they do not have to use a storm shelter, you should have one at your home to ensure you are safe from the severe weather conditions.Such conditions can cause massive harm to life and property if not dealt carefully. A storm shelter is a safe room built to withstand dangerous high winds, tornadoes, and flying debris to ensure safety. You can protect your life and remain safe even in severe natural calamities with Texas storm shelters. While many benefits storm shelters provide, here are a few highlighting the importance of storm shelters.

Importance of storm shelters

  • They become a must when you live in a tornado alley since you face the reality of severe storms that frequently occur in your area. They provide an extra layer of protection against severe storms with high-velocity winds
  • Storm shelters are available in different designs and sizes; you can also have a custom design to fit your needs, like wheelchair access
  • Having a personal storm shelter can eliminate the risk of traveling to a community storm shelter during rough weather conditions
  • A storm shelter can serve as a great place to store emergency supplies like first aid items, extra clothing, water, food, medication, and essential documents
  • A storm shelter is primarily to save from weather conditions like storms, but it can also help save from other mishaps like a house fire or attempted home burglary.

Storm shelters show how a simple investment can assure peace of mind for you and your loved ones. So, if you have now decided to get a storm shelter for your building, the next step is to decide on the storm shelter type.

Types of storm shelters

The two most popular types of storm shelters are Above ground shelters and below ground shelters. While both intend to provide security against harmful weather conditions, both have their pros and cons. We have tried to help you choose by sharing various pros and cons with both the shelter types.

Below-Ground Shelters: It is located underground under your home or outside of your property.

  • You can save a lot of space if you choose this type as it will be built under the ground
  • They can also help in protecting the damage from lighting
  • These shelter types are generally more expensive as compared to above-ground shelters
  • The most significant disadvantage of them is that if a large amount of debris makes its way onto the doors of your storm shelter, you may get trapped.


Above-Ground Shelters: They are built out in the open and are usually near the main building.

  • They are easily located and less expensive as they don’t require any digging or special licenses
  • One can also use them as safe rooms during an intruder or theft situation
  • The primary issue with these shelter types is that if a severe storm or weather hits unexpectedly, it can be dangerous to travel outside to your storm shelter.

While you can always decide what suits best for your property, professional assistance from Texas storm shelter services can help you make the best choice considering factors like budget and needs. One should be careful in making this choice as it can save a significant amount of damage.

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