Real Estate: A Go-To Investment Post the Pandemic

Investing in real estate is always considered to be the most stable form of investment. But in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that has overwhelmed everyone, disrupted almost every industry, and brought the country’s economy to a halt, buyers and sellers are confused whether they should make any real estate investments during this time or even think about it post the pandemic.

Many are in doubt whether it would be safe to put their resources into real estate in such uncertain times. If we go by the industry experts, they believe that this is just the right time to buy or invest in real estate as the mutual funds are underperforming and the stock market is also volatile. Talking about residential real estate in India, it is at its best now with significantly lower interest rates. Market surveys have also revealed that there has been as much as 50 percent rise in the housing inquiries in the top cities as compared to what it was pre-COVID-19. If you are planning to invest in residential real estate, buy a seaside 2BHK in Goa or elsewhere during this time, here we give you the top reasons why you must go ahead with your decision:

1-Interest Loans are at Record Low: In the recent past, the RBI has reduced repo rate several times which has resulted in a significant drop of home loan interest rates to up to sub 7% levels. So for all aspiring homebuyers, this is just the right time to go ahead with their home buying decision and make full use of these record low rates. However, they must keep in mind that repo-linked home loans are offered to only those people who have a good credit score of over 750 to 800. So when applying for a loan, check your credit score, and if it comes to be below 750, take necessary steps to improve it so you can avail the best loan offers during this time and enjoy low EMIs throughout the tenure.

2– Good Support by the Government: Seeing the current scenario, the government has also been very prompt in announcing several packages and relaxations that encourage buyers to go ahead with their real estate investment decisions. Cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore are seeing a surge in demand for residential properties as more and more people do not want to let these opportunities go off and are ready to make real estate investments that will surely be profitable in the long-term.

3- Real estate is a Stable Asset: When we compare real estate investments with those made in the stock market or mutual funds, the real estate investments are considered stable and a safe zone to put your hard-earned money in. Due to the pandemic, the stock market has become very volatile and even the mutual funds are underperforming. This has made real estate a stable asset class to gain the confidence of investors who planned to invest in the stock market or mutual funds. Investing in ready to move homes in Goa and elsewhere by leading developers like The Dynamix Group would just be the best decision to make at this time.

4- Reasonable Prices and Attractive Deals: Another reason why you should use this time to invest in real estate is because of the availability of residential units at reasonable prices. Moreover, there are many developers who are willing to negotiate further with prospective clients. Buyers have a wide range of options to choose from and that too within their budget. There might not be direct discounts but deals like easy payment plans, waiver of charges and complimentary car parking are lucrative deals that can be availed at this time.

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