Renovation Blues: Making It Through a Pandemic

The pandemic caught many people by surprise, and many of them were in the middle of renovating their homes. COVID-19 added another layer of complexity to the renovation process. Social distancing, additional personal protective equipment, as well as lockdown restrictions, have messed up schedules and contracts for both residential and commercial renovation jobs.

Some industries are struggling, but enterprising companies and entrepreneurs have found ways to complete their renovation and construction jobs even in the middle of a pandemic.

Going Green Goes Digital

Many companies affected by the pandemic finance solar panel installation. These companies relied on onsite inspections and visits, and lockdown guidelines limited sales and solar installation. As a response, they resorted to digital technology to boost sales and meet clients. Some trained hundreds of people to conduct phone sales and online marketing strategies to cut expenses.

Some enterprising designers used drones and conferencing apps like Zoom to view client’s property sites. The addition of measurements and other pertinent information through email and social media made it possible for many contractors to continue their design plans.

Staggered Schedules

Some contractors also limited the number of workers who could work on their projects. They made sure that they only allowed less than ten people in the working area to ensure that social distancing guidelines were observed. The staggered schedule of the workers meant that schedules and contracts were affected, and many homeowners found that they had to renegotiate contracts and create new schedules.

Build Temporary Plastic Walls

You can build temporary plastic separators in the area so airflow would only be limited to the specific location. Dust, debris, and even bacteria in the air could be prevented to spread in the house. You can create an airtight barrier in your home and seal it along the sides with tape, and do the same for the entrances and exits.

Manage the Airflow

Viruses and bacteria can be airborne, so its best to manage the airflow during a renovation. Turn off your home’s HVAC and use fans to direct the flow of dust and debris. If the renovation is in one area, it’s best to close the air vents and limit the spread of dust in your home. If you plan to use a fan, make sure to open a window or a door to let the air out.

Provide PPEs and Handwashing Stations

Some homeowners and business owners require everyone on site to wear a PPE, such as a mask or gloves. They should also provide a handwashing station for everyone who works on site. These can help diminish the spread of the infection.

Be Patient

Finally, the most important thing for homeowners and contractors is patience. Every industry has experienced some form of setback due to COVID-19, especially in the delivery of materials. Homeowners should understand that they need to adjust their schedules, and contractors should be understanding when their workers prefer to stay at home than work.

In the end, we all must realize that for any economy to survive this pandemic; we should all practice patience and adjust to the constraints of the “new normal”.

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