Solution Cimex- Do Bed Bugs Haunt You in Your Deep Slumber?

The one thing all of us are looking forward to after shedding blood, sweat, and tears all day long is to relax comfortably on our beds. We probably do not want any disturbance. Not at least by the uninvited pests. All we want is a sound sleep at the end of a tiring day. Imagine, if even this is not achieved? The entire day’s exhaustion seems to multiply. We at Solution Cimex completely understand your dilemma.

Besides, others are dead tired and do not recognize unbidden guests on their mattresses. The only time they realize is when they wake up to see uninformed love bites on their feet, arms, etc., by the bugs. Again, they have no clue where to inspect and what needs to be done. In case you belong to any of these categories, make sure you read the article carefully.

Examination of the Intruder-

When you are all set to release the tiresome energy in the dark of the night, some are pests lingering around in your private space. How do you get hold of them? Inspection and recognition are the two important aspects.

Here’s how you can go about doing it-

Bed bugs do not settle in open spaces. They are fond of close and dark places. That’s the reason they do not dare to step out during the day or when the lights are on. You will usually find them in small unimaginable corners. They are parasites who sting their hosts almost after sedating them. This is one possible reason you might not sense the bite at that very moment. You might confuse these bites with those inflicted by other house pests like mosquitoes, fleas, etc. always remember that these pests are not as talented as the bed bugs. That is, there is some sensation at the moment of their bite. However, if you have any unusual bites, you are supporting a family of bed bugs.

  • Bloodstains or excretion stains on the mattress are the first sign of bed bugs.
  • Closely check the underside of the mattress.
  • Do not miss out on the tubes and corners of the mattress.
  • They do hesitate to hide in metals and woods, either. So, carefully inspect the box string, hinges, etc.
  • Bed frames are their favorite place to hide.
  • They are smart enough to sit in places that have a color similar to theirs.
  • Check the holes of the wardrobes and beds.
  • They could be on the cloth as well. This means that you have to inspect the bed sheets, curtains, etc. as well.

We know you must be contemplating this. It would be best if you were doubtful about what needs to be done next. Do not worry a bit. You have come more than halfway by simply identifying these mischievous pests. You have to dial a number and call an extermination expert of Solution Cimex. We understand that you might not have time for the inspection as well. The experts are trained and wittier than the bed bugs.

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