Stunning Ways To Make Your Foyer Design More Attractive

A well-organised and delightful entrance to any house makes it more inviting. It may seem that the steps to get this job done are obvious but it isn’t. However, no matter the size of your foyer, this list of entryway ideas will help you fill a lot of style and purpose into your current house. This list is specially curated for homeowners looking for foyer designs for Indian flats.

01 of 07 The Casual yet Chic

If you are looking for an elegant but casual look for your residence, shaded wallpaper, and spotlights are what you are looking at. With open shoe shelves, pegs located conveniently and a raincoat stand- this practical and suave home room design can be made to look great when storage spaces are added. Adding a wooden shade with two numbers of spotlights complements the home room design along with a dark blue seat cushioning fabric. This foyer design can be topped with a wall-mounted or a free-standing mirror, making this one of the ideal foyer designs for Indian flats.

02 of 07 The Compact and Minimal

If your residence is a flat and your main door has got some unused space behind it, utilising this space would be the best possible idea to get a good home room design going. You can start off by commissioning a customised solution. Then finish the clever storage off with some intricate latticework which will keep the furniture from appearing clumsy. A set of drawers and a pair of seats will make it an appropriate spot to sit on and loosen up. Do not forget to add some lights, so that the foyer receives more attention.

03 of 07 The Clutter Free

This is one of the best foyer designs for Indian flats, keeping in mind small spaces and extended living. You can choose an elegant foyer table over box-like storage and seating. Positioning a dark-coloured console table with a white top behind the door, with wall decor and a mirror of a dark colour frame with grand proportions hanging over the table, elevates the look of your house. Use wallpaper as wall decor. Keep the space covered by the floor open and clean, allowing for entrance decor items such as a clock and a vase to be added along with a simple table.

04 of 07 From the Floor to the Ceiling

Does your flat have floor-to-ceiling cupboards? You will love this home room design since it allows for plenty of storage. Muted colours and an open space add style and freshness to your main door entrance. Adding a stylised light with mild colours to go with the remaining, this modern floating foyer design turns your house into a sleek one.

05 of 07 The Grounded Design

This foyer design achieves drastic results by keeping the design minimal and grounded. The walled area is lined with an extra-long bench and is dressed with wood. The bench should have a built-in storage system underneath. Adding a few cushions and some hanging hooks ensure comfort, space, and grandeur. The overall look is classy and clear.

06 of 07 The Grand Entree

This is for homeowners wanting to make a bold impression on their guests. With an antique approach, this foyer design involves off-white antique sitting chairs with an art-nouveau-inspired flower vase on a round table. All this makes a great impression of your house on your guests. If you add a striking piano to this design, justice will be done to your neatly designed room. Richly intricate hardwood floors complete the grand look. And if your room happens to have stairs, top it off with glass to give the foyer a perfect finish.

07 of 07 The Floating Garden

Making full use of the walls is equivalent to magic. Using floating shelves is a wonderful idea for those finding foyer decor and planning to save space in narrow, small entrances to their smaller apartments or flats. Green plants make up for most of the decor here. A storage chest with several doors and drawers is attached towards the wall. Floating shelves make use of the unused awkward space on the wall. These shelves can be utilised for displaying objects or can be spanned to form stylised storage. Adding a larger sized vase will make this area look fuller and more beautiful.

From employing wall decor, panels to installing cupboards, open racks, floating shelves, and benches; there is so much one can do when it comes to foyer designs for Indian flats and houses. There are very basic requirements to designing your foyer – a few square feet of space and your sense of design and creativity. Combining these requirements will ensure your guests leave impressed.

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