Surefire tips to keep your spa clean

Have you just finished doing the final touches of your spa? A spa is a great place for you and your friends to relax. Unlike a pool, a heated spa can be used throughout the year and if you have experience with pools or you own one, then you will find a spa easier to maintain. Many tasks here are the same only that when it comes to spas, things are on a smaller scale. If you are a newbie in matters pools, then you may need to spend some more time perfecting the art. It won’t take a lot of time but you will have to be consistent.

Following are some tips on spa maintenance

Water testing

One of the perfect ways of ensuring your spa cleanliness is through water testing and those small adjustments that you make regularly. That means you have to test the water two to three times a week. You have to test and adjust the calcium hardness, alkalinity, PH, and sanitizer levels. You must keep a schedule of the adjustments that you make. You can keep this in whatever form; a small notebook will do, where you can be jotting each time you do a water test. A test kit will help you keep the water balanced and this you can get in any pool supply store. Do not do many adjustments as you’ll do for a pool; ensure you do bits of adjustment in small proportions regularly.

Type of water

Regular tap water is fine for use in a spa. However, the levels of chemicals here vary a lot, regionally, or from house to house depending on your plumping. The chemistry levels of your water will determine the adjustments you make after filling your spa. Some places may have unusually hard or soft water and thus varying levels of alkalinity, metals, chloramines, and minerals. The use of a spa pre-filter is one of the perfect ways to ensure you’re starting with the most neutral water possible. It removes the finest particles, silt, metals, and ardors. Once you have filled the spa with water, you can carry out your tests and adjust accordingly.

Cleaning the spa filter

Your pool and spa filters cartridge must be cleaned regularly. This depends on how busy your spa is but if it has a pressure gauge, it is easy for you to tell when to clean it. After a full clean, make a note of the spa pressure, then when the pressure levels rise 8-10 pounds over the initial one, it’s time to clean your filter. If no pressure gauge on your filter, then you can try other ways and one of these is to keep track of the water flow through the filter. If you noticed a reduced flow, then it’s an indication that you need to clean your filter. Again, you can have a cleaning schedule so that you can be cleaning the cartridge every 4 to 8 weeks depending on how often you use the spa.

You may want to maintain your spa through DIY techniques but this has its limitations. Imagine you’re supposed to clean the filter and you don’t even know how it looks. That is why you need a spa maintenance company with experience and a reputation for offering quality services.

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