The Comparison Between Remodeling and Renovation

Remodeling is the structural change of a building’s form, whereas renovation restores to life the damaged or outdated structures. Below is a detailed comparison between remodeling vs. renovation in the different aspects.



The structure’s original design usually gets altered to create a new upgraded design in the structure’s remodeling. In other cases, the new form looks nothing like the original. However, the plan does not change in renovation; but instead, it gets upgraded and repaired to give it a brand new look.


Remodeling is generally more expensive than renovating. Remodeling will require the demolishment and rebuilding of some structures leading to a whole newly designed system altogether. However, Renovating is more likely to cost cheaper due to its minimal activities that do not include the structural change. Renovating only consists of the upgrade and repair of the already existing structure. It is meant only to revive the look of the design.


Renovation leads to the upgrade of the looks of the entire structure without changing its functionality. An upgraded study room will only look better and feel better when used after renovation. However, in remodeling, the study room’s function is likely to change from being a study room to getting remodeled as a storage center. The desks and shelves that were available for the storage of books and other reading materials shall get replaced with the shelves and cabinets for the accommodation of chemicals and other substances to be stored. If the storage center were to act as a cold room, it would get remodeled to facilitate the room’s cool temperatures.


Performing remodeling requires to be permitted by the community to ensure that the set guidelines get followed when conducting the remodeling activity. Remodeling activities require special handling, for they greatly determine the quality of service provided by the structure depending on the expertise applied in the process. Renovating at most times does not require a permit unless in extreme situations. When conducting minor renovations such as repair on broken items, an access permit may not be necessary. But when performing significant maintenance such as roof renovations, the property owner should acquire a license from the community in charge. It is because substantial renovations such as roof repair may cause significant structural damage to the building’s internal structures if done wrong. To prevent such occurrences, the community hands over a permit to only those qualified for renovation.

Ease of Implementation

Renovations in a specific area can get done by unskilled personnel for only basic knowledge is required. The process may take minutes, hours, or days depending on the renovation intensity, to get done. On the other hand, remodeling is a process that particular experts in the field can only do. It is a process that may require days, weeks, or even months for the remodeling process to get complete. One person can hardly do the process, and at extreme times, remodeling may take years for it to get completed.

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