The Complete Guide To Kitchen Layouts

Everyone knows that designing a kitchen is not a cakewalk. It can be challenging as the kitchen is supposed to be the most functional part of the house. Not only does it need to be organised, it also needs to be smart, convenient, and full of storage options. The modern kitchen design demands to look stunning and sophisticated as well, so you need guidance when it comes to figuring out the layout.

There are plenty of kitchen layout designs you can choose from. Few of them are really popular and fit in well with the modern kitchen design. Here are some kitchen layouts you need to know about –

The Galley layout

If you want to be smart about space utilization, then go for the Galley kitchen. It consists of two rows of cabinets facing each other, and uses every inch of the space available in an optimal way. It also uses cabinets economically. It is simple and minimalistic, and efficiently arranges all the kitchen appliances where you can reach them conveniently. It also provides flexibility and makes room for multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time.

The L-Shaped layout

This type of kitchen layout is efficient and clever, and quite popular for the modern home design. As the name suggests, the L-shaped layout is the kitchen arrangement that actually looks like the letter ‘L’. Preferred by many people, this is the perfect layout for kitchens that are larger in style. It looks chic and stylish, and is smart in it’s cabinet arrangement. You can place the kitchen appliances in the work zones and be flexible about it at the same time. With this type of a kitchen layout, it is also possible to create a cute little breakfast corner in the opposite corner of the kitchen as well.

The Island layout

This is another popular kitchen layout style in many homes, more prevalent in western countries. It is rapidly gaining popularity in Indian homes as well. In this style, there is a large workstation in the middle of the kitchen, incorporating the cooking surface, hob, wine fridge, and more. You can also sit and enjoy family meals here, and decorate it with some nice lights!

The U-Shaped layout

This is a kitchen layout style that fits in well with both small and large kitchens. It is versatile and gives a whole lot of flexibility to work with. It consists of two counters perpendicular to each other, forming a ‘U’ shape- the counter actually runs along three sides of the kitchen. This kitchen design is efficient and offers ample storage with wall-mounted kitchen cabinets and cupboards, and keeps all the kitchen appliances within convenient reach.

So these are some of the most popular and preferred kitchen layouts that you must know about. Kitchen is a space in the home interior design that needs to be highly functional and convenient, therefore the layout needs to be just right according to the space available and your personal needs and preferences. Choose well!

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