Tips for cost-effective log homes construction

At Frontier Log Homes, having a limited budget doesn’t have to limit your style. The following are some of the tips which you can embrace to ensure that you build the best log home while on a budget:

Save everything

When it comes to building your own home, there are chances that you might be pretty handy and creative with a toolbox. With that, you are going to save each wood scrap and in the end, be able to come up with a stunning design balcony rail using the leftover pieces

Reign in on the finishing materials

You should not get carried away with windows, fixtures, and doors. You don’t have also to go with the low grade. What you ought to do is to ensure that you shop around. At times in cabins, you can get away by using the mid to low range since you want to have that rustic look. Along the way, you have room for upgrading.

Find compromises

Logs that are manufactured with a rough finish instead of the handcrafted profile might be a good compromise. Though the hand-hewn look might be great, the rice of the machine-hewn might be what you should embrace.

Use the faux stone when it comes to the hearth

It is possible saving a lot of money on concrete pouring because you require reinforcing your floor in case you are using actual rock.

Become creative

Instead of having to use paneling for tongue-in-groove, which tends to be expensive, you can go for the plaster mud, sand, and paint mixture to apply in between the beams of the ceiling to come up with a shoestring rustic look.

Don’t scrimp when it comes to stains

One place that you should avoid being stingy is when you are doing your exterior stain. It is important going ahead and budget for high-quality stains which is affordable to you. You will have to technically stain 2-5 years but when you go for better stains, then the frequency of having to do it will be less. Using darker stains will give out a better block against the penetration of UV.

Place off what is possible

Some things don’t tend to make sense postponing, but where you can be able to leave spaces or from unfinished until you can afford to finish it, do so.

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