Top Reasons To Grow Mint Plants

Basil, rosemary and mint are the three most famous herbs in many gardens. There are numerous benefits of growing all these plants, and they are easier to cultivate. Even when you’ve never planted in the plant, you can quickly grow these herbs. If you plan to start today, starting with mint is a good move. Here are some of the reasons.

Mint is Easier to Grow and Thrives in Containers

Mint herbs sometimes get a terrible thwack since they grow in the ground; they can be invasive. They can get carried away and spread. To avoid this, you can plant the herbs in containers. The best gardening is conducted in containers. Besides, container gardening is perfect and convenient for most herbs.

Mint Herbs Can be Harvested Severally

Mint grows fast; hence the leaves can be harvested frequently. Even when you cut the plant, it will grow back in a few days. Since it grows faster, the plant is a good herb to preserve by freezing and drying. Freshly dried mint makes awesome tea, and it can be added to casseroles or used as a dry rub.

It Can be Grown in Full Sun or Partial Shade

Mint is simple to grow since it does well in partial or full sun. Therefore, even if your patio or deck faces east and does not get complete sun, you can still have beautiful and healthy mint. The herb is perennial. Hence it will grow back when conditions are ideal.

There is Little Maintenance Required

There’s nothing you’ll need to grow healthy mint herbs apart from watering them. The method for growing the herb is simple. Buy small mint herbs and put them in fresh fertilized potting soil. Make sure you water them frequently, especially during the hot weather season. However, know where to buy mint plants for the best results.

Mint Herbs Repel Moths, Mosquitoes and Flies

If you put your plant garden containers on your patio or deck, the aroma of the different plants, such as mint, will serve as an in-built bug repellent. The aroma comes from the essential oils that are in the herbs, and most bugs will always avoid it. So, planting more herbs in your garden is the best way to prevent bugs in your home.

You Can Grow the Mints Indoors

While it flourishes outdoors, the herb can do well in an indoor setting as well. Ensure you plant in a pot with perfect drainage and place the plants in the sunlight. You can start growing the herb in the kitchen during the spring season and then move them outside when the frost is gone.

It is Beautiful as a Flower Arrangement or Garnishes

Because mint grows fast, there might be a time when you will have many of them. Once this happens, you can harvest them and use them in your garden flower arrangement. This will add a fantastic green touch and offer a fresh aroma that pairs amazingly with the flowers.

The herb makes a good garnish for desserts, drinks and salads. It takes an ordinary mean and changes it to something unique.

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