What Accent Chairs You Need in Your Living Room

When it comes time to focus on home decor, an important aspect that should be at the top of the list is what type of accent chairs you need in your living room. Although it may seem that other elements should be placed higher on the list, one can not be denied that accent chairs will be a central element and require time to research what works best for you. Several different accent chairs can help tell the story of you and your family. A couple of bullet points can help determine the correct call to bring your living room to life. 

What kind of story are you trying to tell?

Depending on what you are trying to portray or the story one wants to tell will help with the decision making process for your accent chairs. If one is looking to showcase that the living room is a place to gather for communal stories, an accent chair with strong legs with some height may be a reliable choice. Displaying a lounged relax setting might promote comfort and the invitation to stay longer. 

The size of the chair promotes the size of the style

An element that should be discussed is the size of the accent chair. This detail can make a world of difference when trying to set the tone for your space. If one has a large space to fill, it would potentially be more fitting to add an accent chair that has some size or bulkiness to it. The role of the accent chair is to literally accent that specific space, so if the room has some size, one would want to have a chair with adequate size, so it does not get lost in the area. If the room is a bit on the smaller size, one might want to choose a more fitting accent chair that is smaller in size but bigger in style or personality. With so many options at your disposal, its important to choose the piece that does the best job to be a focal point of an existing space.

Specific types of Accent chairs 

  • Armchairs – These accent chairs are some of the most popular and can bring a living room together in the most focused way. Typically these are done in different types of fabrics and colors but can also be done in leather. In recent years technology has caught up with furniture to introduce electrical charging capabilities built into these pieces. 
  • Slipper chair – Slipper chairs promote a relaxed atmosphere and are typically dressed with some type of matching pillow. These chairs are great additions to a living room to invite longer stays and more in-depth conversations. These chairs tend to have a wooden base with a fabric seat and back and come in a variety of options. 
  • Lounge chairs – these are the ultimate accent pieces for the living room and can have a step stool as an addition to the furniture piece—newer versions of this type of chair, along with the armchairs, come with electrical charging capabilities. Lounge chairs are incredibly popular and can be the winning focused piece of any room. 
  • Wingback chair- The chair that screams elegance and sophistication to any living room. These chairs typically have bullet points along with the backing liner and can be somewhat bulky. Although traditionally, these chairs have been looked at as an accent piece that should be placed informal settings, these have been proven to be a great addition to any living room.

Adding accent pieces can be beneficial in many ways. One can spend their time determining if they want the room to promote relaxation or a lounge feel, and that is ok. Personally for me, I love the lounge chair with charging capabilities and electronic recline. The option to mix technology with style is something I look forward to and makes me happy to come home and experience. The ability to add in a furniture piece allows the individual to spread their creative mindset and really work with a blank canvas. It is important to remember that with so many options, time is on your side, and it is worth spending it on researching what best accent chairs work for your existing space. Whether you choose to go the rustic route with bold shapes and designs or the modern route with the ability to charge your smart devices make sure the piece is accenting your personality and the room its placed in. No matter the decision, it should be something that excites you. Something that stays with you throughout your day so much in fact that it promotes you to want to be at home to experience that style and feel that you have created. After a long day of work, there is nothing better than racing home, kicking back, and taking in the ambiance that has been created in your space. 


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