What causes basement to flood?

Admit it! You too dread the situations of basement flooding. It is an issue common with many homeowners that can lead to serious expenses. Of course, you can prevent and overcome this problem by doing basement waterproofing and water damage restoration. Our experts say that you should always consider a professional knowledgeable in basement flooding and avoid DIY projects. If you attempt to ignore or repair the damage yourself, you can experience grave consequences for your house for a long time to come. But before you decide what you need for your basement, let’s discuss the leading causes of basement flooding. In this way, you will know how to identify a problem before it becomes a severe issue.

1. Less qualitative wall, and floor sealing 

Experts say that the leading cause of basement flooding is inadequate floor and wall sealing. So, if your basement tiles have not been sealed adequately during the construction of your home, water will have plenty of room to seep through in case of extreme weather conditions. This means that if you experience basement floods when it rains, you should contact a professional water damage restoration service to assess your situation. In this way, you will benefit from the best basement waterproofing solutions, which will prevent future flooding.

2. Blocked gutter system

Issues with your gutter system can lead to basement floods. And it is a common cause in households, as many homeowners overlook the importance of drainage maintenance. Keep in mind that a blocked gutter system can lead to a serious disaster since water levels tend to increase at a rapid pace.

3. Inadequate drainage system

Well, if you aim to keep your house safe and free of basement flooding, you should pay close attention to how a drainage system is installed. Inadequate setups can lead to leaks and floods. The downspouts must drain towards the street or backyard. And if you’re not sure how to maneuver this system, you can always ask a contractor for help.

4. Debris in the eavestroughs

Another common cause of basement flood is debris accumulated in the eavestroughs. These tend to overflow with rainwater, which leads to leaks in your basement. But fortunately, there is a simple fix for this issue. Cleaning the eavestroughs or replacing them with larger ones can save you a lot of trouble. Besides, this simple step can prevent basements from flooding.

5. Faulty sump pumps, hot water tanks or pipes

You should know that each basement is exposed to three sources for flooding. These are the sump pump, the hot water tank, and your home’s pipes. If any of these gets damaged, your basement can flood. Hence, frequent maintenance of these devices in your home can save you’re a lot of trouble and time. Also, it can decrease the risk of basement flooding and structural problems to your home.

So, these are the leading causes of basement flooding. It is best to consider basement waterproofing as a preventive measure and, of course, to opt for professional water damage restoration if necessary.

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