4 Creative Ways To Improve The Privacy Of Your Garden

Having a garden space attached to your home is beneficial for a number of reasons, namely that it can increase property value anywhere between 10-20%. Gardens also offer residents to enjoy the outdoors, sunbathe, grow their own vegetables, and even host family and friends to outdoor dining events. This, however, is not to say that gardens are innately positive assets to a home.

Aside from requiring a degree of upkeep, gardens also have varying degrees of privacy. Being exposed to the elements of nature can be a positive experience, welcoming sunlight and vistas, but it can also be problematic or limiting if open spaces are in direct view of neighbouring properties or passersby. In such scenarios, homeowners are prompted to think of ways in which they can design their garden to gain privacy while still maintaining the sense of being outdoors.

Parasol Or Awning

Decorative parasols and awnings are generally sought after for the shade that they offer to residents on a sunny day, allowing adults and children alike to seek a respite from the sunshine. These assets are, however, also a great way to navigate privacy when outdoors.

This is because they are generally adjustable and can be moved to maximise coverage while limiting the perspective of onlookers. In addition to their modularity lending itself to privacy, they are also collapsible, meaning that residents can conceal them when not in use and allow their garden to receive full sunlight.


A greater number of residents are constructing log cabins in their gardens. While some might be creating these outbuildings for their luxurious aesthetic, others are doing so for the space, comfort, and privacy that they offer to residents.

Log cabins and other such outbuildings offer a covered space, one that can also be opened to the elements, to be enjoyed in the garden, meaning that they can relax, dine, and even work outdoors while still being sheltered from the external climate and view of others.

Hedges And Trees

Utilising nature can be an effective way of improving privacy and soundproofing in your garden space. Hedges and trees are two often utilised assets that, when established, can provide shade, soil health, and privacy all while retaining a beautiful natural landscape in a garden.

It is, however, important to be aware that these natural assets require a certain degree of maintenance. If neglected, they can cause a number of issues related to overgrowth. Additionally, some trees and hedges will also shed their leaves during winter, affecting their aesthetic and the privacy they offer.

Garden Screens

 These stylish, modular, and lightweight screens can be a great way to segment a garden space, offering variable privacy when needed. They can also be a more permanent contribution to a garden’s decor, with some using dividers to not only section areas for relaxation but also as a vertical space for growing climbing plants. This helps to create discreet and stylish divisions across a garden space, adding a colourful and natural backdrop to outdoor areas.

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