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Interior Design Choices to Make Your Apartment Appear Bigger

Demand for apartments is high, but often the most affordable and accessible units are not the most spacious. That doesn’t have to mean that you will be relegated to living in a cramped home that feels stuffy, though. The way you set up your apartment can do wonders in not only making it feel roomier but look bigger than it is. It could be a good thing to prioritize not just as a superficial choice but because experts note that spaces that blatantly look small can affect the mood for worse, leading to higher levels of stress, anxiety, and even aggression.

Here are some great ways you can easily make your space feel bigger:

  • Pick the right colors or patterns for your walls.

A good contrast of light and dark can make your area look more spacious. Because many rental apartments don’t let you do much to the walls without affecting your deposit, you can always opt for wallpaper instead of paint. That is also arguably easier down the line should you wish to change it again. Interior designers note that a great way to make a space feel alive and more spacious is to use lighter colors, and have an accent wallpaper with big patterns.

  • Add some strategically placed mirrors.

This option is an age-old trick that adds the illusion of depth to your area, so you can always add a suitable mirror that’s well-sized and possibly even framed for extra aesthetic value. Pick an area of the room that is opposite a focal point of your layout. For better effect, it should also be reflective of some natural light from the outside. That increases its effect of making the area feel more spacious, though you want to make sure you don’t overdo the number of mirrors you place.

  • Space out your lighting.

Don’t rely on a single source of light. Not only does this have a chance of making a room look gloomier, but it also doesn’t spread enough focus throughout the space. Light up the corners of your walls with either wall lights or extra lamps. You can even use artful fixtures if you want to add some flair to your lighting. With the light sources distributed around, the area feels wider throughout.

  • Arrange your furniture with an open concept.

Using an open concept design or layout for your floor plan can help maximize your space. It allows enough proportions to visually look spacious while also keeping things functional where you don’t feel cramped whether you’re lounging with friends, cooking in the kitchen, or watching television. That also lessens the barriers that cut everything apart and limits the space you can use.

  • Create dimensions with your ceiling and floor.

Use light tones for your ceiling that are complementary with your walls and flooring to create more dimension, especially if you have particularly low ceilings. You can reflect light well from your ceiling and use the walls to direct the eye line upward. If you plan to contrast, don’t go for bold opposites as this won’t have the intended effect of increased space visually.

On the flip side, more neutral and darker shades on your floor also do wonders in making your space look bigger.

If you incorporate these elements into your apartment, a tiny space doesn’t have to become a cramped one.

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