Things to Know About Patterned and Stamped Concrete

The new pattern of concrete has been talking about the town for a while. This pattern is stamped. It is an efficient technique and simple tool which gives the amazing flooring patterned. There are so many experts providing patterned and stamped concrete in Dallas that can make the job easy. But before choosing the right company, it is important to do good homework on what exactly makes this pattern so popular. It is always better to make a wise investment only faster when there is a good knowledge about the service known.

What exactly is the Stamped Concrete?

The name itself suggests that it is one type of flooring in which the concrete is stamped. It is an efficient technique that is usually preferred for the exterior areas where the aesthetic is maintained and durability is extremely important. Such a system is concrete based and hence it is the best choice for the bays like walkways-pedestrian, patios, and even the garden areas. While looking out for the patterned and stamped concrete in Dallas, it is better to look for a company with years of experience and knowledge in this sector.

Pros and Cons of Stamped Concrete

Every product and solution comes with benefits and drawbacks. In the case of stamped concrete the situation is the same. Listed are some pros and cons to not ignore:


  • Easy to maintain when sealed
  • Enhances outdoor spaces
  • Offers nearly limitless pattern
  • Slip-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Is more affordable than natural stone
  • Adds value to a home
  • Many color choices
  • Durable


  • Needs periodic cleaning
  • Can be damaged by freeze
  • Repairs are challenging
  • Not very DIY friendly
  • Can create minor cracks
  • Requires resealing often
  • Dicing salts can affect

Things to Consider for a Stamped Concrete

Different design choices:

If an aesthetic standpoint is considered well, such an option is hard to beat especially when there is a wide range of color and pattern options that offer virtually limitless choices. There are so many people who get inspired by the landscape surrounding them or even the architectural style of the home. They even end up selecting the patterns and colors that can blend with the existing tile or stone. Suppose, if there is a home with a brick exterior, then echoing it with a simple brick border theme can look elegant.


The pattern is one of the well-known stamped concrete types and is a natural stone option too. It is available in different stylings such as fieldstone, slate, and flagstone to name some. Some other patterns are trending too such as cobblestone, brick, and wood patterns. Seamless stamps if used can offer a great texture and for this joint pattern is not required. Patterns can be blended well in the concrete even if the project seems to be quite complex and have ample steps involved.


Color options like the earth tones and grays can be of great benefit. But the brick pattern is usually colored with russet hues and red. There can be different color options which can be layered, mixed and even made with tints and stains too. This would create virtually some limitless options that can be explored by the user. Multiple color choices also can be used for the same project so that realistic stone coloration can be provided. Whether it is the decorative borders or the color pattern which is contrasting, it is good to have a stamp that is in a colored pattern

​Always remember, stamping is usually done immediately on the green concrete. This is time and money-saving over options like paver blocks and tiles. However, it is important to plan it well in advance. With a wide range of color and pattern choices available, Stamped concrete also known as textured concrete can add beauty to pool decks, patio, and even driveways.


Pattern concrete is more like a registered name which also is a trademarked brand that has been given to the stamped concrete. The industry over the years has expertise after it has been in this field from 1972. The brand further has also expanded throughout North America and even in countries like Canada and the United States. Besides, the stamped concrete also has got its franchises that offer better support, the right training, and tooling solutions. Overall, it is one economic yet efficient flooring solution that is best suitable for large areas in commercial and residential complexes. Besides, it even gives much stronger flooring while saving better money and time.

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