Understanding Rebuilt Air Compressor Pumps

When looking for an air compressor, consumers come across OEM (original equipment manufacturer) options, remanufactured, and rebuilt units. Each option has its pros and cons, and as they hit the market, they’ll have to consider various elements to ensure that they make an informed purchase. While OEM is quite straightforward, rebuilt and remanufactured options tend to be used interchangeably. However, the two are entirely different. Here is a quick look at the major difference.

Rebuilt air compressor pumps

The process involves cleaning, repairing, or partially rebuilding parts to ensure that they meet the initial mechanical tolerance. If a particular part is overly worn out to the extent that it can’t be repaired, it is replaced with a similar part from another used air compressor. Due to such measures, rebuilt air compressor pumps might be worn out at different degrees, a concern that could increase the friction of the moving parts. This could further lead to excessive wear, eventually causing the compressor to fail prematurely. Rebuilt air compressors are an ideal solution in small-scale production, for hobbyists, or infrequent use. Learning the ropes with the inexpensive solution makes it a good purchase, and as users can get the most out of the compressor, it is a good investment for less-intense requirements.

Remanufactured air compressor pumps

Unlike rebuilding, the process entails complete remanufacturing of the air compressor to ensure that it meets the standard similar to a new unit. Apart from the cleaning and repairing, the remanufacturing process involves the replacement of old and worn out parts with new ones, ensuring that the mechanical tolerance of the compressor in all practical purposes matches that of a new unit. This also keeps in mind the OEM standards. It means that the remanufacturing process also involves an upgrade to ensure that it features the relevant technology improvements such as energy efficiency, durability, and performance.

OEM air compressor pumps are the best choice. However, their primary con is that they tend to be expensive, meaning that if a user is dealing with budget constraints, it might be out of reach. While looking for an industrial solution, OEM is the best option, as they can last longer with minimum maintenance costs. Rebuilt and remanufactured air compressor pumps are ideal for startups and small businesses due to their affordable nature. However, in the long-run, they could prove to be an expensive choice due to the frequent maintenance to keep the system running smoothly.

While shopping for the best air compressor pumps, horsepower, type, energy source, and other factors are among the top considerations. The budget, however, can’t take the backseat. Financial constraints can be quite frustrating, but that’s not the end of the road. If consumers weigh their options and realize that OEM and remanufactured units are out of reach, they can turn to the rebuilt units. With rebuilt air compressor pumps, they can still address their needs, and with proper care and maintenance, complete the intended project. The significant point is to understand the possible hiccups and creatively work around them to ensure that the rebuilt compressor pumps serve the intended purpose.

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