5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with Their Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are an essential appliance in most modern kitchens. They help you get rid of food scraps quickly and efficiently, reducing unpleasant odors and keeping your home clean. However, many homeowners make mistakes when using and maintaining their garbage disposals. These mistakes can lead to clogs, malfunctions, and even costly repairs. Schedule a garbage disposal service today to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently.

Here are five common mistakes homeowners make with their garbage disposals:

Not Running Enough Water

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make with their garbage disposal is not running enough water while using it. Water helps flush down food particles, preventing them from getting stuck in the disposal or pipes. Without enough water, these particles can build up and cause clogs, leading to a smelly and malfunctioning garbage disposal. To prevent this, always run water before, during, and after using your garbage disposal.

Putting Non-Food Items in the Disposal

Another mistake homeowners make is putting non-food items in their garbage disposals. Items such as plastic, metal, glass, or paper can damage the blades and motor of your disposal, leading to expensive repairs. It’s essential to educate everyone in your household about what can and cannot go down the drain.

Using Harsh Chemicals

Some homeowners try eliminating unpleasant odors by pouring harsh chemicals such as bleach or drain cleaners down their garbage disposals. While these products may temporarily mask the smell, they can cause serious damage to the disposal’s inner workings. Instead of using chemicals, try pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the disposal. This natural solution will help eliminate odors without harming your garbage disposal.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Like any other appliance, garbage disposals require regular maintenance to function properly. Many homeowners neglect this maintenance, leading to clogs, leaks, and other issues. To keep your garbage disposal in top condition, clean it regularly by grinding ice cubes or citrus peels and occasionally adding a cup of baking soda and vinegar mixture.

Overloading the Disposal

Lastly, overloading the garbage disposal is a common mistake many homeowners make. It’s important to remember that garbage disposals are not meant to handle large amounts of food waste. Overcrowding the disposal can cause it to jam, clog, or break down. To avoid this mistake, feed small amounts of food waste into the disposal and allow it to grind completely before adding more.

By avoiding these five common mistakes, you can ensure that your garbage disposal functions properly and lasts for years to come. Always run enough water, only put food waste down the disposal, avoid using harsh chemicals, regularly maintain your disposal, and never overload it with too much food waste. Call a professional if you encounter any issues with your garbage disposal that you cannot handle alone.

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