The Most Popular Low-Maintenance Garden Design Ideas

Summer is here again and that means that most of us can’t wait to get in our gardens to enjoy the warm weather. If you think your outdoor space could do with a makeover but don’t have lots of cash to splash, we might be able to help.

From design styles to handy gadgets, we’ve put together a set of the most popular low-maintenance garden design ideas so you can spruce up your garden without breaking the bank.

Furniture and accessories

Your first port of call when it comes to a low-maintenance garden makeover is furniture. From on-trend and super comfortable rattan corner dining sets to plush outdoor-seating cushions in this season’s shades, you can get a fantastic range of low-cost, hard-wearing furnishings that will make your garden pop and won’t need replacing any time soon.

Botanical prints look amazing in an outdoor environment and if you opt for waterproof textiles, you’ll not have to worry about maintaining their quality as you would with less durable fabrics. Similarly, metal, PVC and synthetic rattan are perfect choices if you’re searching for low-maintenance, long-lasting furniture material.

Plant easy-care flowers

Do you love it when your garden is blooming with beautiful flowers but don’t have time to keep watering and maintaining them? As part of your low-maintenance garden do-over, go for easy-to-care-for flowers that take little time and effort to look after such as cosmos, peonies, hydrangeas, anemone, bluebells, and snowdrops.

Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping includes materials like gravel, stone and wood, as opposed to soft landscaping which is materials like turf, shrubs and soil. As you can imagine, hard landscaping is designed to be far more durable and low-maintenance, which means it will take less effort to maintain than soft landscaping.

If you want to avoid having to constantly trim hedges and mow the lawn, hard landscaping, like patios and decking, is ideal and you have a range of styles and shades to choose from to make it your own.

Self-watering plants and gadgets

This is an easy win if you want a low-maintenance garden. Featuring built-in reservoirs, self-watering containers are sustainable and will let you enjoy a full garden without having to constantly go around with your watering can. These gadgets are also designed to deliver the optimum amount of water to your plants and they’re often narrow enough to fit on windowsills for added convenience.

If you like the idea of less watering but have a large lawn, how about investing in an automatic sprinkler that can take the heavy-duty watering task off your hands, too?

Solar-powered lighting

Finally, how about solar-powered lighting? This type of illumination is eco-friendly and affordable with plenty of options from small walkway lights to large patio spotlights. You can also get products that are motion-activated and do not require external wiring. This not only makes them easy to install and maintain, but you’ll also not have to waste time and effort constantly checking if they’re turned off after you’ve headed back indoors.

Best of luck with your low-maintenance garden makeover this summer!

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