Things to Know When Re-Designing Custom Closets

We have to start by saying that creating a custom closet is not something that will help you improve the overall value of your home, but it will provide you the peace of mind because you will have enough space specifically made for you.

The main idea is to understand how to use the space you have because you will spend the same amount of money for a well-designed and lousy-designed closet.

Even though the quality is something that will only provide you the added durability and efficiency, in general, you should consider space as the main factor before you make up your mind.

You can easily consider custom closet design professionals that will help you use the limited space you have for a bunch of clothes that you own.

Reach-in or wall closets are one of the most common options for bedrooms. The minimum length should be at least sixty inches, while the depth should be twenty-four inches.

Remember that walk-in closets do not take more space than the reach-in, but you need to implement a different shape, an essential consideration. In both cases, you should design it based on your needs and preferences.

We decided to present a few things you should remember before you decide to re-design.

1.Space Is Essential

The first thing you should remember when it comes to custom closets is the space you should leave for your belongings. It is crucial to determine whether you can sacrifice the space from your bedroom so that you can create a custom closet that will stand the test of time.

The best thing about the properly designed closet is that you do not need a dresser as beforehand, which means that you will free up your bedroom significantly. In case you do not own a walk-in closet, you can use the adjacent room from your apartment or household.

2.Organization, Organization, Organization

Even if you design your closet to have plenty of space, the next step is to implement the inventory that you own, including your clothing and other accessories you need daily.

Generally, you should organize your belongings, donate things you do not wish to wear in the future, and think about things that you will buy as well. As soon as you know and group everything you own, you will be able to organize the space to meet your needs and preferences.

You should click here to learn more about closets in general.

If you wish to design the closet based on your needs, you should know the space of your storage and the things you wish to place inside.

3.Would You Share It?

If you wish to create a closet for sharing with your partners, you can create separate rooms for both of you if you have enough space. On the other hand, you can take opposite sides and use them for each other needs.

Remember that men’s shirts tend to get longer than blouses that women wear, which means they should hang and leave them properly.

Simultaneously, one partner may prefer to hang slacks with fold while others hang them straight, which is another consideration you should make.

In most situations, men feature ties, cuff links, pocket squares, belt buckles, and watches, while women require space for hats, jewelry, scarves, and handbags.

All items we have mentioned in the previous sentence come with different sizes, which means you should organize storage accordingly.

Finally, you do not have to split the closet evenly, especially since women tend to have more belongings. The main goal is to organize appropriately so that everyone can use it without any additional problem.

4.Ergonomics Matter

If you create a properly designed closet, you will reach everything you need with additional enjoyment and ease. That is the main reason why you should add open shelves at waist height so that you can see everything without getting down or hurting your backs.

You can install drawers underneath the shelves. Remember to place accessories, underwear, and socks in higher drawers, while you should place little-worn items closest to the floor. The idea is to design your storage so that each item has its unique and particular space.

That way, you do not need to reorganize in the future, which is an essential consideration. Even though drawers are essential and you need them to place small items such as socks, lingerie, and jewelry, it is much better to use shelves for T-shirts and sweaters.

Remember that shelves will give you a transparent look at what you have, and they use much space, which will improve your overall convenience.

5.Avoid Placing Shoes on the Floor

Most people think that since shoes go on our feet, we should place them on the floor. However, you can find numerous space-saving, creative, and more convenient ways to store your shoes than placing them on the floor.

Similarly, as with other small accessories and handbags, the best way to store your shoes are at mid-height so that you can see them correctly. You can install pullout shelves or traditional ones. Remember that you will need approximately 12 inches so that you can store them on shelves.

A pullout shelf system is much more convenient because you will maximize the space in general.

If you wish to learn how to organize your walk-in closet, you should enter this site: https://www.wikihow.com/Organize-a-Walk-in-Closet for more information.

6.Additions You Can Add

Remember that having a custom closet does not mean that you should only store your clothes inside. You can find numerous add-INS, features that you can implement to improve the aesthetical appeal of it and add practicality, among other things.

You can implement custom LED lighting so that you can mimic evening light or daylight, which is excellent while putting makeup. You can also find valet rods that will hold your clothing pieces and a cooler to place perishable cosmetics.

The idea is that everything is possible while making a custom closet, and it depends on your preferences, needs, and style.

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