Tips to Decontaminate For a Virus Free Home

The outbreak of coronavirus has instilled some discipline in homes with hygiene matters. There are more calls to decontaminate your living spaces and live in a virus-free space.

Cleaning surfaces around your home is more important than ever. Residential cleaning Montreal experts will ensure you get professional help with your home cleaning.

To ensure you maintain a virus-free home, here are essential tips to help you out.

1.    Maintain Personal Hygiene

Viruses are transferred from a person to a surface. You need to ensure personal hygiene first before moving to surfaces within your home.

You cannot live in a clean home when your body is not clean. Make sure you bathe and wash your hands. Avoid touching your face, mouth, or nose because these are virus habitants.

Change your clothes often and keep them clean.

2.    Clean Surfaces within Your Home

You don’t need to clean the entire house every day to keep the viruses away. There are those places in your home that you touch more often.

Cleaning those high-touch places lowers the risk of virus infection. Buy disinfectant products to use on hot spot areas. The most important items to disinfect daily include cupboards, kitchen counters, cell phones, remote controls, refrigerators, etc.

When cleaning, take safety precautions such as wearing gloves. To make your work easier, consider hiring Residential cleaning Montreal experts to do the home cleaning.

3.    Clean Clothes

While there is no proper evidence that shows how various viruses can survive on fabric, it’s essential to be safe than sorry. Clothing with plastic or metal elements can provide a habitat for viruses for a few hours before they die.

Make sure you take all the necessary precautions to prevent any infection. Remove your shoes when you enter your house and change clothes when you come from crowded places.

Wash your hands after touching dirty clothes. Remember to buy appropriate disinfectant for washing clothes.

4.    Ensure Proper Handling and Preparation of Food

You should never touch foods with dirty hands. When shopping for food or receiving deliveries, stay out of contact with people. Ensure food hygiene when cooking and after cooking to avoid food-borne diseases.

Properly dispose of food packaging. Wash fruits and vegetables using running water. If you’re preparing uncooked meals such as meat, make sure you cook them well.

Always make sure your utensils are clean and properly stored.

5.    Use Purifiers and Filters

Household air purifiers and filters work well in keeping viruses away from your home. Some purifiers are made with ultraviolet light that has germicide effects. Some filters are also made with special features to capture viruses, allergens, and smoke.

However, you shouldn’t depend on these appliances too much because they don’t really capture microorganisms. Their effectiveness in killing germs also varies widely, and you can never tell which is better. Purifiers and filters should never be a substitute for your home cleaning and other hygiene matters.

Home hygiene is important whether there is a virus outbreak or not. Always ensure you protect every corner of your home. It’s your duty to keep your family safe and healthy.

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