When you have a larger footfall, it is a more sensible decision to have automatic doors installed. It works to make things easier. An automatic door makes things more efficient. It also brings down the effort associated with door keeping. Deciding the type of automatic swing doors Toronto can be a task. Many things need to be kept in mind before the decision can be made. It will help to determine the type of door operator you would require. Following are the different types of door operators you can choose from.

Full Energy Swing Door Operators

High Energy Swing Door Operators, also known as full power operators are the ideal choice when you want the automatic door to handle 100% of the traffic that is coming in. These doors work continuously and very quickly. If looking for a bunderless passage, this is the right choice. It has a 100% utilization rate. As it provides quicker passage, the users can get through the door faster as compared to other swing door operators. Safety devices with this automatic door operators are a must because they operate quickly. The requirements will differ based on the opening application and the type of business. You would have to install devices like safety devices, presence sensors and guide rails. Due to the high frequency, there is a 100% duty cycle. This type of automation is an excellent choice for swinging, sliding, folding and revolving doors.

Low Energy Swing Door Operators

If you are looking for low traffic application operator, you should consider Low Energy Door Operators. About 30% to 40% of the door’s operator function is utilized. When you have to activate this automated operator you can do so by pushing to open button actuators, keypads, key switches, card readers or using a remote control. This type of door operator requires less maintenance as compared to other operators. It isn’t a necessity to have a safety device installed with a low energy swing door operator. However, installing one can improve the operations as it will prevent the door from coming in contact with the operation. As it is a low energy automated operator, the speed of the door operations is slower and provides ample time for passage. The door closes and opens from zero to 90 degrees. In case of loss of power, this type of door will have standard closure. It also meets the fire door requirements. Meaning that it self-closes when there is a loss of power.

Safety Devices

An automated door requires additional devices for smooth functioning. An activation device is one of them. It is what opens the door by putting the operator into action. The presence sensors are installed to detect the presence of a person or an object within the detection area. When the sensor detects any presence, it opens the door. This prevents the door from striking people and objects when it is operating.

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