Should I Hire A Removals Company Or Move Myself?

Moving homes can be a very daunting and highly stressful task that requires some well thought out planning and organising to make it a successful and hassle-free move. There will come a certain point where a person will have to make the decision on whether or not to hire a professional removals company or to just get at it by themselves. As a removals process can be quite long, there are some important points to consider, such as, getting time off work, how many trips will be needed, can friends or relatives help out on that day and whether or not you have past experience in carrying out a home removal.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Removals Company?

Hiring a removals company can save you time

Moving house as we have already mentioned can take some time where packing can start weeks before in preparation for the big moving day, and then of course, the travelling back and forth and the loading and unloading of the van. When hiring a removals company, they can take care of the packing and as they are usually very experienced, they can handle valuable items with care and provide optimal protection.

Loading will also be a key advantage of using a removals company. Those who are moving homes can rest assured that a removals company will take away all of the stress and accommodate the lives of the movers and plan around a schedule that works best for them. Loading a small van and multiple cars can take up a lot of time and certainly energy when frequently loading and reloading is required. So those who can afford to hire a removals company should really look into taking advantage of the practical service.

Professionalism and expertise

Sometimes moving houses isn’t always plain sailing with a simple a to b move. For more valuable items and larger furniture, the most practical solution is to hire a removals company who have the experience and knowledge of handling and manoeuvring these types of items with maximum care and efficiency. House movers can expect that a professional removals company will also provide specialist equipment such as highly durable boxes and coverings to ensure that items are protected.

Less stressful

Moving homes can be a highly stressful process where the idea of moving can just about tip anyone over the edge. Luckily, one of the many perks of hiring a professional removals company is that they can handle and oversee the move which is one less thing to worry and stress over. For those who are looking to move homes in Cheltenham and surrounding areas, take advantage of AVM Storage & Shipping’s professional removals in Cheltenham service

Things To Consider If You Plan On Moving By Yourself

For those who have experienced home moves before and feel as though they can handle the process by themselves, then that’s great. There are no right or wrong options, it comes down to the unique situation and lives of those who are moving. There are however some key considerations to bear in mind for those who decide to carry out a home removal by themselves.

What vehicles are you going to use?

Considering what vehicles will be needed for the move must be taken into account before the moving day arrives. More than likely, a van hire will be needed which will have to be collected and taken back in a certain time frame. If a house move is on the weekend due to work commitments, then a multi-day hire may be the only option as some van companies close on weekends or may have shorter opening hours.

Smaller vans will be fairly cheap to hire, but we advise that people should opt for a bigger van as this will make the moving day a lot easier with fewer trips back and forth. The bigger the van, however, the more it will cost to hire.

Will you have any help with moving?

Packing up all of the furniture in a home and dealing with heavy and large items will require some additional help. Those who are helping with the move will also need to be able to handle heavier items and be fit enough with the loading and unloading from the van to the house. Some furniture will also be quite tricky to remove, especially if you live in a building where there are flights of stairs.

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