Top Five Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Homeowners must pay special attention to their water systems as they are essential for the smooth completion of the daily works. One of the biggest headaches of the property owners is that an aged water pipe causes problems. Even a small leakage may lead to larger problems if not given attention. The trenchless water line replacement is a convenient way to get rid of frequently occurring waterline issues. Trenchless pipe replacement is done under two main situations:

  1. When a person is experiencing sewage backups at home
  2. When the pipes are old and made of iron which needs immediate replacement.

Process of pipe replacement

  • Once a plumbing expert is there on the site, he will inspect and evaluate the piping situation. Considering the location of the pipes and the present situation they will provide the best solution.
  • At the starting of the trenchless water line replacement, they will excavate one or two positions and then set up the equipment.
  • Following the existing line, a bursting head is attached which is connected to a flexible plastic pipe, reducing the cracking chances.
  • Several companies use hydraulic equipment to pull the cable through the existing line.

Advantages of the trenchless water line replacement

  1. Reduced property damage: It is the best non-invasive method of replacing the damaged or leaking pipeline. It will minimize the amount of property damage. It starts with a sewer camera inspection with waterproof cameras attached to the rods. The close inspection instantly detects the damage location and repairs it faster.
  2. Quick solution: With the use of trenchless technologies that plumbers can repair damaged pipes faster than ever. Replacing water lines can be disastrous sometimes and the household water system remains off until the job is done. But trenchless technologies get the job done as soon as possible, reducing the hassle. The sewer camera inspection helps to work quickly to replace the broken pipes.
  3. Affordability: Not only quick the trenchless pipe repair takes less time and a fewer material to solve the issues. It is also important to mention the workforce is also required fewer than the normal pipe repair. Using this technology a plumber can make speedy repairs lowering the final cost. This is a win-win situation for both the company and the client party.
  4. Environmental-friendly: Trenchless plumbing methods are eco-friendly solutions. They don’t have any negative impact on the environment. Deep trenching can cause harmful toxins and make the air. But in this process, the toxins are not exposed to air.
  5. Versatility: One more advantage of this plumbing method is that it can be accessed anywhere. The sewer and water lines which run below the buildings are hard to reach. But this unique method allows the plumbers to replace those areas by using machines to open existing pipes.


This was all about the advantages of trenchless water line replacement. Everyone wants clean, safe, and healthy water to make sure the plumbing system is neat and clean. Anyone who wants plumbing assistance can hire a trusted and experienced plumbing company. Check for the ratings, reviews, pricing, license, and other essential factors before hiring a plumbing company.

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